Welcome from the External Focus team at Watermark! Our goal is to mobilize people to share the gospel and demonstrate God’s love by serving others in our city and around the world.

(This page is primarily for our local External Focus work. For information on everything we're doing internationally, please visit our External Focus - International page.)

At Watermark, we believe that we’re all “on mission,” all the time. You might say that life is a long-term mission trip. So every day and every appointment is a short-term mission opportunity. Since the highest commandments are to love God and love and serve others, it’s our job to share the love of Christ with people we see every day – whether we’re in North Texas or halfway across the globe.

To browse the many service opportunities and find the best fit for you, please visit our Act to Impact page here: watermark.org/impact. (This content will move to this page soon.)

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