At this conference, we will walk you through our entire small groups ministry- from strategy and objectives to how to put groups together to how we develop leaders. You will have access to Watermark community group practitioners, connect with other church leaders, and walk away with the resources and tools needed to start or improve your church’s small groups ministry. Components will include:

  • Explanation of Watermark’s community group strategy and the structure that supports it
  • Methods for recruiting, equipping and sustaining leaders
  • Training in pastoral care and correction
  • Access to Watermark’s community group ministry staff and lay leaders
  • Access to all our resources, including documents, processes, and leader training materials

Doing community well is perhaps the biggest challenge we face at Watermark. If you’re expecting a perfect model and well-oiled machine, then this conference may not be for you. If, however, you are looking for honest conversations about how to best shepherd your flock, insights into best practices and a few lessons learned the hard way, then we’d love to see you at Watermark Community Church for our Community Training Conference!

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