Taylor Jenkins

Taylor Jenkins


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My name is Taylor, and I’m originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, but Dallas has always been a second home to me with all the family I have living here. I believed in Christ from a very young age because of the love, wisdom, and teachings of my parents. When I transitioned into an independent lifestyle during college, very little of my life reflected living for God, trusting in Him, or sharing His love. I looked towards the billboards of the world to keep going, not the Word. His Spirit convicted me, and continues to redirect my paths so long as I seek Him. I know God changed my heart coming out of that stage of my life; a heart more focused on Him, a passion relentless to give Him the glory.

I’ve had a love for filmmaking for a long time. I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design to absorb as much as I could of the craft. During a summer, my sister told me about a film out of Watermark Community Church called “Seasons of Gray” that was gearing up to shoot, and I hopped onboard pretty quick! They took me on as a best-boy for lighting and grip, and it was an amazing experience! Two years later, I honestly didn’t see myself moving to Dallas after school ended. But when God opened doors to a video position at Watermark, I felt both a joy and a peace in deciding to serve here. I feel truly blessed that God would use my talents to speak through, and to show how He’s moving in other people’s lives!

I love me some crawfish boils! I also like cheese…a lot. Any Switchfoot tune or movie soundtrack usually perks my ears. I struggle to get myself to run around a street on a daily basis, but if there’s an option for trail running that makes me want to take off like a jackrabbit!

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