Rick Smith

Rick Smith

Director of Digital Ministries

Meet Rick

I’m a high school drop out, run away, son of an alcoholic, and oldest of four boys! The Lord called me to Himself as a middle school student, but it wouldn’t be until my twenties (and causing a lot of hurt to myself and others) that I would find myself walking in an abiding relationship with Jesus.

After dropping out of high school and running away from home, I stumbled into a Bible Study in the DFW area where Todd Wagner was teaching, and I wanted to walk with God (and know my Bible) like he did! Todd befriend this punk 18 year old know it all and begin to spend time with me, and teach me the Word. I was thirsty for truth, and had a lot of questions. In fact, I called Todd at home so many times to ask him theology questions that he had to tell me to please stop! Hey, this was B.G. (before Google)…Todd was my Google! I wanted to go to Dallas Seminary one day since that’s where Todd went, and I wanted to know my Bible like he did. I also knew I wanted to serve God and others like he did as well.

God would use the following decade of my life to radically change me. I learned the importance of walking in true Christian community with folks who could hold me accountable, sharpen and love me, worked in student ministry, met the girl who would become my wife, got married, graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications from the University of Houston, had our two children, Noah and Jaxten, and completed my Master’s of Theology from Dallas Theology Seminary.

Three hours after Noah was born we were surprised to learn that he was born with a third copy of his 21st Chromosome or Down syndrome…and that 92% of children known to have Down Syndrome prenatally are aborted. As a tech-geek, I decided to use to web to create a digital narrative of our son’s life to help show the world Down syndrome is ok, and God blessed our efforts. NoahsDad.com has reached millions of people across the world, and been mentioned by numerous news organizations including Time.com, Headline News, NBC Night news, ABC, etc.

15 years after first meeting Todd Wagner I was blown away (and extremely humbled) when I got a call from Todd asking me to come serve with him at Watermark! In October 2012 I came on staff as the Director of Digital Ministries where I have the opportunity to build a team of folks that are passionate about connecting people to truth and resources using the web, social media, digital story telling, and all the other tools that we don’t even know about yet!

I believe the Internet / social web is our generation’s printing press; allowing us to reach and equip more people than ever before! I’m excited to be a part of a church that sees value in reaching people everywhere (including online.) It’s a privilege to serve along side someone like Todd who played such a huge role in helping me become the person I am today. I’m thankful that God (and Todd) never gave up me!

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