Rena Lum Hee

Rena Lum Hee

re:generation Assistant

Meet Rena

I was born in California but my family moved to Texas when I was 12. Raised in a Muslim household, attending and graduating from a private Muslim school lead to extreme legalism and a warped view of God. I struggled to make myself good enough to earn my way into heaven.

Exhausted, I decided to do things my way. Six long years later I found myself paving a path of destruction, separated from my husband of 8 months and desperately trying to find my value and fill this God shaped hole inside with anything I could grab at. A sweet friend, who didn’t know the depths of my struggles but could see a hurting soul, told me I was joining her at church one Sunday. She didn’t know that the following Friday was the date we had set to file our divorce paperwork.

That Sunday I heard the Gospel for the first time, cried the whole time and never wanted to leave. I came back on Monday for re:generation, Tuesday for The Porch, and Wednesday for re|engage. My husband agreed to join me and after hearing a story of hope and reconciliation we committed to the program. By no means was it easy, and many times we wanted to quit, but the Lord has truly restored the years the locust has eaten!

These days life looks drastically different. My days are filled with joy and hope! I know who I am, what I’m worth and where I’m going.

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