Rachel Duncan

Rachel Duncan

Single Community/Connecting Assistant

Meet Rachel

Hey everyone! I’m originally from Houston, TX and one random fact about me is that I got the chance to attend a performing arts high school (like the one in Fame…kind of) as a dance major. I grew up in a home centered on Christ and was baptized at the age of 7 but, honestly, I only did that since it was my golden birthday (July 7) and I really wanted to get baptized on that day. I was a kid and it was cool, trust me. After high school, I decided to continue dancing at Southern Methodist University (Pony up!). The more and more I turned to dance as my ultimate satisfaction, the more Christ pursued my heart and relentlessly pulled me back to Him, sometimes kicking and screaming.

When I graduated from SMU, I started attending Watermark and dove right in to community through GroupLink and serving with the Porch. Little did I know that Christ was using this season in my life to prepare me for trials coming ahead. At age 23, I walked through an incredibly tough trial and Christ used the people He placed in my life to walk through the fire with me. Seeing Christ’s unfailing love through my community during that time started stirring something in my heart for this ministry. By God’s grace, the opportunity to be a part of the singles community team here at Watermark came up and I’m so grateful for the chance to now be a part of it! Living life with those running hard after Jesus definitely changed my life and I hope that it does the same for so many others!

In my free time, I love hanging out at my favorite spot in Dallas, White Rock Lake. Running, kayaking, swinging on a hammock reading a good book, my heart is full when I’m there! If you don’t see me at White Rock, you can find me chilling on my couch watching all kinds of movies (black and white film from the Golden Era are definitely my favorites!).

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