Megan Katani

Megan Katani

Dallas Campus Receptionist


Meet Megan

I called Fayetteville, Arkansas home before making my way to the great state of Texas. But I missed those Ozark trees too much to stay away, so back to Faye I went to attend the University of Arkansas. Thankfully, my high school sweetheart and now incredible husband, Daniel, became a Razorback too!

God in His great mercy (Ephesians 2:4), softened my heart to believe the gospel my first summer at Kanakuk in 8thgrade, and He faithfully planted seeds of truth in my heart as I went through Shoreline here at Watermark in high school. But college looked a lot like trying to drink from every broken cistern I could find (Jeremiah 2:13), and white knuckling my way through life trying to be “good enough”. Junior year of college, God let all my head knowledge become heart knowledge when I finally grasped that this life in Christ is not about whatIcan do to make myself worthy of His acceptance, but about daily trusting what He has done on the cross to make me worthy of His acceptance. How deeply my soul rests in the scandal of grace!

The Lord stirred a love in my heart for meeting the needs of others and making much of Him by serving at KLife, Kanakuk, and helping lead trips with the Junior High and High School teams here at Watermark. Just a few of my favorite things are seeing God’s glory in creation, hiking and camping, Bluebell Cookie Two Step, and board games with friends. I love serving as your lady with the mints here at the front desk!

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