Matt Armstrong

Matt Armstrong

Technical Director

Meet Matt

My name is Matt, and I joined the Technical Arts team in November 2008. I was raised by parents who love Christ, and I accepted Christ’s gift of salvation at a young age. Early on, I felt called to ministry and believed God was leading me to become a pastor. I misheard, and He apparently wanted me to amplify pastors. As I grow and mature in my relationship and as I realize how little pastors sleep, I praise God for where He has me.

I graduated college from Texas A&M in May 2008 with a double major in English and Communication. Clearly, my degree has been an invaluable asset in my role. While I am a solid 2%’er, I did meet my wife there. So if I occasionally surprise you with a whoop, thank Tara for my brief but genuine expression of school spirit.

Though I have little talent for art personally, I love all things artistic. I praise God for knowing me better than I know myself and for using me as He sees fit in a role I truly enjoy. You’re equally likely to find me reading as watching bad sci-fi, and if money were no object you could put concerts and plays on that list.

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