John Cox

John Cox

Executive Pastor

Meet John

Follower of Christ, husband to Jeanie, father to Katelyn, Sydney, Emily Jane, Jay, and Lucy, youth soccer and lacrosse coach, former athlete (I’m still coming to grips with this last one).

I came to Christ at a youth camp when I was 16. Since that time, my life has been a series of adventures, twists, and turns that I never would have predicted--from college to church planter to business school to management consultant to hedge fund employee and now to my current role at Watermark. Only God could have taken a misfit like me and dropped me into a place such as this (my friends who grew up with me still can’t believe it).

Jeanie and I started attending Watermark in 2005. The three things that drew us to the church were (1) the godly and gifted leadership, (2) the spirit of authenticity that pervades the community, and (3) the passionate desire of the people to whole-heartedly follow after Christ. Those are three things that I’ve always wanted to characterize my life and ministry. (Hopefully, some of them are gradually rubbing off on me)

In 2007, I came on staff. My primary role is to help provide overall leadership for the church and to help make everything we do better.

In my thirty plus years in and around the church, there have been two great surprises to me. The first is how much some people change. The second is how little others change. Same church, same community, same teaching. Some people are radically transformed. Others are not. My deepest prayer is that I—and everyone here—would be in the transformed group. (Colossians 1:28-29)

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