Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly

Finance/Payroll Coordinator


Meet Bridget

I’m a Nebraska gal by birth who loves the outdoors, the Cornhuskers, peanut M&Ms, and the color purple. Though I grew up in Fort Worth I refuse to say “y’all” and will always hold true to “soda pop.”

It is by the true grace of a loving and faithful God that I have been saved. My family did not attend church when I was young, but I felt a desire to be there, to know God. My senior year of high school I was finally able to drive and accompanied a couple friends to different churches. I was a natural rule-follower so though my outward appearance didn’t seem different, inside I had finally found my worth and identity in Christ instead of searching for the next big thing to fill the void.

After graduating high school I went off to The University of Oklahoma to quickly realize what a mistake that was and I transferred home to UT Arlington. Switching back and forth between math and accounting, I finally settled on a Business Finance degree which took me right into the role of stock broker working for a financial advising firm. I loved my job, my boss, and the people I worked with but through a whirlwind of events I felt God’s hand at work in my life and the calling to transition onto staff with Watermark in the finance department. I am thrilled to be using my talents to advance God’s kingdom.

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