Benson Hines

Benson Hines

Director of External Mobilization

Meet Benson

I’m thrilled to help connect Watermark members to powerful serving opportunities all over the city – and all over the world!

I grew up in a Christian family, and my parents and a Sunday school teacher introduced me to Jesus at an early age. But even after years of growth through my family and Christian school, God impacted me even more deeply through some amazing peers and ministries in college (Go Aggies!).

Little did I know, but in that amazing “incubator” God was preparing me for a decade of adventures-in-ministry. He surprised me with early graduation from a college I loved to go to “a land He would show me” (which turned out to be Abilene, Texas). My life after college included several years of (unpaid) college ministry out there, a stint as a full-time college minister in Dallas, and a yearlong road trip to observe college ministry throughout the United States. (I’ve visited college campuses in every state but Alaska!)

Throughout those years, I learned a lot about trusting God. I’m not very entrepreneurial by personality, but I tried to keep saying Yes to whatever God showed me.

In the midst of those adventures, I also had the chance to visit hundreds of church worship services, and I got a degree from Southwestern Seminary. I’m definitely a “ministry processes” nerd, with a passion for helping churches and ministries impact better and better. I started attending Watermark in 2008, and it was through Watermark that I reconnected with a college buddy, Catherine...who became my wife in May of 2013. We now have one daughter, Sophie, and love exploring Dallas (especially its restaurants).

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