Allison Sims

Allison Sims

Pastoral Care Assistant


Meet Allison

I was born and raised in the heart of Dallas and am an only child, but come from a huge Norwegian extended family! I grew up in a strong Christian home and accepted Christ into my heart at the early age of four.

Although I didn’t truly grasp what this meant, it was from this foundation that my life was built. Being an only child, it often felt like all of my parents’ stock was in me. The pressure to be and look perfect was the start of my junior high and high school downfall. I had pride in my honors classes, being in the ballet company and varsity softball and ultimately the squeaky clean outward appearance, but behind closed doors I was hiding my shadowed heart. I was chasing after the things of this world. I was dating the cool/fast guy, but still going to youth group and staying involved in church at the same time. God’s grace saved me from how far down the road my sin could have taken me, but I still came out of high school with some emotional bumps and bruises.

Going off to Baylor University (Sic’ Em Bears!) was where God truly transformed my heart. Through my local church and spending a summer as a counselor at Pine Cove, I learned to live under God’s control, not my own.

After graduating and moving back to Dallas, I knew I needed to jump into community ASAP. I started going to Watermark in the fall of 2009 and began community the next spring with some old and new friends. Those women enriched my young adult life and even prepared me for my next stage in life--marriage.

I met my husband Bryan at work although we were both attending Watermark when we met. Both of our community groups were involved in getting us together. Looking back, this was also completely from the Lord. We were married in September of 2015. Within the first few months of marriage, God has thrown us some curve balls, but we have been overwhelmingly blessed by his grace, mercy and love. We love seeing his story for our lives unfold!

It is an honor to serve in Watermark’s Recovery Ministries and I am humbled to be a part of such an amazing team!

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