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The arts team at Watermark consists of a number of different areas of service. Video, Photo, Worship Music, Communications, Lighting, Sound, Drama and Graphics are just a few of the departments that need your help.

The Arts Hospitality Team brings breakfast for Arts team volunteers on Sunday morning. Host backstage green room by keeping it clean & organized before/after service. You can run a camera at weekend services. Help with audio, video, lighting support for various events (no experience necessary). Format sermon notes for visual projection; cue notes, scriptures, videos & song lyrics during services.

We need participants to serve as an actor or director in theatrical performances on Sundays and at ministry events. There are also opportunities to help facilitate corporate worship in a variety of settings, which includes band and vocalists (by audition only). Our communications team needs help proofing, editing and developing content for various Watermark publications and the website.

These are just a few of the ways you can connect with us and use your gifts to help serve the body of Christ.