We believe that Single Adults in their 30s, 40s and 50s at Watermark are the most available and resourced members of our body. Each of us have a story to tell of the hope we have found in Christ. We have lives that God is calling us to share with others so that we can proclaim His goodness. And we each have a calling that matters, to know God and to make Him known in this city, nation and world. We believe that God is starting a movement of Single Adults at Watermark whose first question is not where can I find a spouse? But rather, where is God working and how can I get involved?

Our mission is simple: Trusting God is good and living for Him is wise, we are calling Single Adults to a journey filled with hope. Come join us on mission as we seek to relationally connect deeply with each other, grow as and make disciples, engage our culture for Christ, as well as make the gospel relevant again to our unchurched friends.

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