This October 9-10, 2017, we will be hosting a re:generation Church Conference, where you can connect with other ministry leaders and walk away with the vision, resources and rools needed to build and sustain a healthy recovery ministry. Components will include 2 tracks, one for those who are planning or beginning to implement re:generation and another track for those who are currently developing the ministry.

Explanation of Watermark’s mission and vision for recovery

  • Training to implement re:generation
  • Exposure to re:generation
  • Access to re:generation staff and key ministry leaders, and senior church leaders/Elders
  • Access to all of our resources, including: documents, processes, and leader training materials

To see the re:generation ministry in action, attend a leader meeting, and learn about the vision & values of re:generation from the staff, consider attending a church hosting event. The events take place once a quarter at Watermark’s Dallas campus. Email resources@watermark.org for details and instructions on how to attend.