You will have access to church marriage practitioners, connect with other church marriage ministry leaders, and walk away with the resources and tools needed to start or greatly improve your church’s marriage ministry. This conference will help you develop and implement a comprehensive marriage ministry. Components will include:

  • Exposure to and explanation of Watermark’s strategy to prepare, establish, enrich and restore marriages.
  • Training to implement re|engage, Foundation Groups, and Merge
  • Experience Merge, Watermark’s Premarital Class
  • Experience re|engage, Watermark’s ministry for all married couples for enrichment and crisis
  • Access to Watermark’s marriage ministry staff and key ministry leaders
  • Access to all of our resources, including documents, processes, and leader training materials
  • And if your church is already offering re|engage, you will have the option join a separate track to meet with our team and similar churches to share your experiences, network, and learn best practices

If you’re expecting or looking for slick presentations and programs, thorough research and correlation studies, or perfectly edited and packaged materials, then this conference may not be for you. If, however, you are looking for a real, live church marriage ministry model, hundreds of stories of life change, and access to resources and marriage ministry staff, then we’d love to see you at Watermark Community Church for our marriage ministry training conference.

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