Photo Submissions: See the City

NEW Deadline! Sunday, May 15th

The photography community can inspire our church this summer! Help our people “see the city” and serve their communities, while potentially having your photographs viewed by thousands of people. You’ll also help kick off a #seethecity social media effort for our entire church.


Watermark holds biannual "Give & Go" events (in summer and before Christmas), highlighting service opportunities in the communities that Watermark serves. For this year's summertime push, we hope to include photographs that help our people grasp the beauty, darkness, opportunities, and needs in our cities - and right outside our front doors.


Anyone inside or outside our church is welcome to submit up to 5 photographs. Entries from all levels of experience are welcome, and selection/use will be based on artistic excellence, distinctiveness, and contribution to the theme.

To aid us in processing the many submissions we are likely to receive, please follow the instructions below.


The theme for this year’s summer service “push” at Watermark Church is See the City. We will be encouraging our body to serve their communities with their friends, families, and others. The "See the City" wording purposely has a few possible interpretations, and we are excited to see the interpretations of this theme by our photography community:

  • We want Watermark people to REALIZE the need and opportunity in the city around them.
  • We want Watermark people to OBSERVE the city in new ways.
  • We want Watermark people to NOTICE the city - as opposed to letting it simply pass by, ignored, in the midst of their daily lives.
  • “See the city” can also evoke a “tourist” theme, and that's purposeful. We will encourage people to "visit” their city in all the ways that can help them understand their city better, love their city more, and ignore their city less.
  • “The city” does not ONLY refer to a specific city (like Dallas or Fort Worth), to an “urban”/needy setting, or just to pictures of the skyline or other landmarks. It can include these things, but “the city” is all around us – and even right outside each person’s front door, no matter where they live. We want to express the breadth of what “the city” can mean for our members.

Some examples of impactful photos could include people in need, unique viewpoints of the city, people serving others, unfamiliar or difficult-to-access scenes from the DFW Metroplex, and distinct communities within DFW.

These are simply possibilities. We hope a diversity of perspectives and ideas will be conveyed. So feel free to be as conventional or creative as you want to be - as you help our people serve, love, and SEE the city.


  • Deadline is Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Deadline is Sunday, May 15, 2016
  • Photographs must help express or evoke the theme (explained above).
  • No more than 5 photograph submissions per person.
  • Photographs must be uploaded here (
  • High-resolution TIFs or JPGs are preferred.
  • Files should be named by artist’s last name (dash) first name (dash) number. Example: SMITH-JANE-1.jpg, SMITH-JANE-2.jpg, etc. (up to 5 photos).
  • Along with photograph(s), submit one copy of the form available here. Rename the file as above (SMITH-JANE.doc). Upload to the same site as above.
  • By uploading content, you agree to allow Watermark Church to use at its discretion, now and in the future.
  • While it is unlikely that a release form will be necessary, please read the info on Photo Releases below.


Your photography may be included in the Watermark News (handed out to all Sunday attenders), online, in a “gallery”-style showing at Watermark, or in other environments. We will gladly credit photographers whenever possible, and we’re excited to share your work with our large number of attenders!

By uploading photos, you allow Watermark Church to use photos at its discretion, now and in the future. Although we can not promise to use all photographs received, many will be featured.


Photos used solely as "art" - which is our main purpose here - appear to be exempt from the requirement of a photo release form, even when people or objects are recognizable. But we ask you to determine if your photo needs a release.

In addition, photos that include people ARE more likely to be widely circulated (in the Watermark News or on our web site) if a photo release is submitted. Download the release form here, and submit with the title RELEASE-LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME.doc.


Please make sure to read all content on this page. If you have further questions, contact

Header Photo Credit: judy dean via Compfight cc