Scott & Sofia Jackson

Missionaries Serving Overseas

From a young man from Plano to a young adult at Watermark (back before The Porch even existed), Scott moved in 2006 to Cordoba, Argentina with a goal of using American football and other sports as a platform for the gospel. Scott’s "one" has grown into a family of three after marrying an Argentinian girl and having a daughter Lucy (now 3).

Scott’s main duties today are to create courses and tutor students at a local seminary. He also serves in the university ministry at their local church and continues using American football as an avenue for evangelism and character-building in young men.

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Email at, or send regular letters to Roque Ferreyra 1050 C.P. 5009 Córdoba Capital Córdoba, Argentina. (Due to excessive postal charges in Argentina, please send anything larger than a letter to Scott’s mom’s home address: 1620 Westlake Dr., Plano, TX 75075.

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