Give & Go: Those Serving Overseas

Each of us has been sent to our own neighborhoods and cities, to serve and share right where God has planted us. But the untold story here is that He has indeed called some of our body to adventures at the ends of the earth!

Keep scrolling for all the ways our people are jumping in - and how you can join their stories, by writing Christmas notes at Watermark, contacting them directly, or following their journey and praying for them.

Mid-term Mission: A Few Months or Few Years of Impact

If you could take a year or even a few months off from work to do anything, what would you choose to do with that time? How might you turn the gift of a break from the “normal life” into an extraordinary chance to serve the kingdom?

Over the past few years, that’s quietly been happening more and more at Watermark. Amber Epley visited Mission of Hope Haiti with a Watermark Young Adult team in 2011. Out of that trip grew a sense that God was calling her to use her teaching background to serve in another culture. (Read her Watermark News story here.) Like quite a few others from Watermark's Young Adult ministry, Juliana Jones and Justin Hunt chose to spend a year serving Christian ministries through the “World Race” - ministering in 11 countries over 11 months. (Read a recent blog from Juliana here.) And Whitney Pickett took this past summer off from nursing school to serve on the medical team at Mission of Hope Haiti. And we are just now welcoming back Paul and Sarah Stehlik, who first moved their family to West Dallas to serve. Then they spent three years serving with our partner, ALARM, in Rwanda. (You can follow their excellent blog at

While these folks are all home or headed home soon, several more Watermark folks have already moved or are headed overseas on mid-term serving opportunities:

Those Serving Overseas in Mid-Term Opportunities

Gordon Burgett

Helping start a new ministry... on the other side of the world

Megan Haynes

After serving from afar, God called her to the next step

Shelbi Polk

Leaving shortly to fight sex trafficking... through journalism... in the Philippines

Rachel Zimmerman

Running a clinic in Haiti, using the medical skills she gained here in Dallas

Long-term Mission: A Life of Overseas Impact

Elizabeth Elliott once described herself as the “loneliest person on earth” while she served in Ecuador among the native tribes that had killed her husband, Jim. In her day, folks moved overseas with an expectation of little contact from friends, family, and supporters, along with the uncertainty about ever returning home.

Today, some things are the same for those on long-term assignments overseas. It can still be lonely, and future plans are often unclear. And more importantly, while the call to mission overseas is no greater than God’s call to minister to our neighbors here in Dallas, it still a unique call for someone to move overseas for an extended period of time without a clear expectation of returning home.

A growing number of Watermark folks are heading to the “ends of the earth” to be on mission in foreign countries where many don’t know the God of the Bible. Here are those people - click for stories and ideas on how you can share in their mission overseas.

Those Serving Overseas on Long-Term Assignment

Scott & Sofia Jackson

Nine years in Argentina, and from just one to a family of three

S and K

Translating the Bible into a new language

Isaac & Kacie Mann

Former "missionary kids" now on mission in Indonesia

Joshua & Ashley

A call to South Asia, a five-year preparation, and now serving a city of 14 million

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Short-Term Mission: Watermark's Discipleship Trips for Members

Over the past 9 years, nearly 1,000 Watermark members - from third-graders to young adults to grandparents - have served on mission overseas as part of our short-term discipleship trips to Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Brazil, and other countries around the world.

We've seen God use us in a variety of ways: through pastor-training trips, medical trips, evangelism-focused trips, justice-training trips, and community development trips; by building homes, running kids' camps, visiting house-to-house, connecting people to local churches, or helping a community develop over the course of many trips. We've played soccer, enjoyed "coffee ceremonies," painted houses, worked with translators, crammed into vans, slept in hammocks (on a boat, no less), and shared the gospel of Christ in all sorts of ways.

But equally important to the work being done on the ground is the deepening relationship with Christ for Watermark participants. Our goal is dual impact - on those we serve and those going to serve. This happens through discipleship by trusted team leaders that starts months before each trip and ends months after.

Whether you're one of those who go or simply one who helps send, we encourage you to connect with our trips!

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