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Equipping Online Courses are designed to equip you to understand the essentials of your faith. We offer several courses each year, each designed to equip you to study the Bible effectively, understand, deepen, and defend your faith, and gain a deeper appreciation for Jesus as the centerpiece of Scripture.

Course Descriptions

Cover to Cover: Understanding the Story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation

During this course, you will be guided through the entire Bible to give you an understanding of the structure, timeline, and major themes of Scripture.

The Life of Christ: The Mission and Message of Jesus

This course will give you a deeper appreciation for Jesus as we examine the context, claims, works, message, death, and resurrection of the greatest life ever lived.

Following Jesus: Foundations of Christian Discipleship

What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does spiritual maturity look like? What are practical steps you can take to cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ? This course will answer these questions and others as you learn the foundations of Christian discipleship. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Christian life and a clear way forward to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Discovering Scripture: The Origin, Reliability, and Relevance of God's Written Word

Where did Scripture come from? How was it compiled? What confidence do we have that it is reliable? What relevance does an ancient book have for my life today? Have you ever been asked these questions, or wondered them yourself? Then come get equipped. In this course you will discover the origin, reliability, and relevance of God's written word.

Keys to Effective Bible Study: How to Read, Interpret and Apply the Bible

Do you ever wonder if your understanding of Scripture is accurate? Do you find it challenging to interpret the Bible? Are you looking to gain skills to enhance your study of God’s Word? This course will equip you with the tools you need to effectively read, interpret, and apply Scripture.

Know What You Believe: Understanding the Essentials of Christianity and How They Shape Our Worldview

Are you able to explain the basic beliefs of the Christian faith? Do you know why you believe what you believe? This course will teach you the essentials of Christianity and the implications doctrine has on decisions you make every day.

Answering the Tough Ones: How to Respond to Skeptics

How confident are you at answering commonly asked questions of the Christian faith? This course will equip you to give an accurate, measured, biblical response to issues like the problem of evil, the reliability of Scripture, and various pressing socials issues.

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