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Care at Watermark

Todd Wagner · Gary Stroope · Sep 21, 2006

Message 17 of 20

Senior Pastor Todd Wagner answers a letter from a Watermark member about what the future of how we will love each other during tough times really looks like. Host Gary Stroope asks Todd other candid questions.<br /><br /><strong>Additional Message on Care:</strong><br /><link - external-link-new-window><span class="external-link-new-window"><span class="external-link-new-window">Why We Do Build Bridges</span></span></link> ? Includes information on how care looks in healthy, Christ-centered relationships.

Todd Wagner

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If you had told me I would be serving and leading as a Pastor in the church 25 years ago I would have taken a swing at you. I saw the church as a place of compromised... Read more

Gary Stroope

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I adore my wife Kimberly. Together, we have raised sons who with their wives and kids love Jesus deeply. God's work through His word and church has changed... Read more

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