All people are created in God’s image. We are one family. Yet sin in each of our hearts has undeniably produced all kinds of active and passive racism and ignorance that has broken our family apart. This message points listeners to appropriately identify, grieve, and repent for our personal and our national sins, and turn to Jesus Christ as the leader who can bring our family back together. Racial reconciliation and unity within the church should glorify God and point the world to Jesus Christ.

David Penuel

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I love serving as the Director of Student Ministries at Watermark Dallas! It was at Watermark that I met my wife, Alli, and we are so grateful to be raising our... Read more

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I was born on the tropical island of Jamaica, but only spent my first 6 years of life there before moving to another noteworthy island called St. Maarten. I became a... Read more