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Christmas Webinar

Nathan Wagnon · Nika Spaulding · Sylvia Bateman · Dec 16, 2016

Message 10 of 13

Nathan and Nika walk through topics like why we celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25, where Santa Claus came from, the origins of the Christmas tree, and more. Learn why we hold these Christmas traditions, and gain a deeper appreciation for the advent of our King.


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Nathan Wagnon

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I began my journey of discipleship to Jesus as a child and consistently grew in the context of a strong Christian family. After graduating from Ouachita Baptist... Read more

Nika Spaulding

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Sylvia Bateman

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I grew up in a spiritual and loving family. My parents divorced at a young age, and I am the proud daughter of an Army officer (Hoo-rah)! With all the moving that... Read more