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Our Role vs. God’s Role

Robbie Rice · Brandon Sanchez · Dec 03, 2015

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We can often feel confused about our role in the healing and growth of the people in our life/community. We ask ourselves: “Am I being controlling or holding them accountable? Am I enabling them or being my brother's keeper?” It is often hard to know the difference. Join us as we use the scriptures to guide us to a better understanding of our role and God's role in loving people.

Robbie Rice

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I grew up on a farm in a rural Oklahoma town called Ralston—population 400 and declining. I was raised in a Christian home and met Christ at an early age when my... Read more

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I grew up in San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) and that’s where I heard the Gospel at a young age and by faith I received Christ as my Savior. However, it wasn’t until... Read more