Mission of Hope Haiti

International Partner

Watermark first got involved in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010. But our goal was always to find an incredible partner who knew the people and their needs, and to remain far after the cameras and international spotlight left. Fortunately, we have been able to accomplish both of those things.

Mission of Hope Haiti serves a region of Haiti north of Port-au-prince through a school, an orphanage, food distribution, and local construction that builds homes for families. MOH also provides medical care to the region, including providing prosthetic limbs to those who need them. Through Watermark's long-term partner with Mission of Hope, we have seen our work continue to progress and now have the chance to partner with and impact an entire village in our return trips to the country.

You can get a great picture of what's been happening through blog posts from past trips at watermarkblogs.org/haiti.

Watermark’s Discipleship Trips to Haiti are a powerful way for individuals or groups to make an impact and be impacted, and these trips serve as a "first step" international experience for many of our members. We take several trips each year; individuals are encouraged to apply, but Haiti trips are also excellent for groups. Recent trips have involved Youth, Families, College Students, Young Adults, Medical Professionals, and re:generation participants. Training for these trips generally involves 5-6 meetings across a 2-month period.

For information on joining a Haiti trip, please click here.

For more on this ministry and its longtime impact in Haiti, check out www.mohhaiti.org.

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