Operation Christmas Child

Watermark Plano

It’s so much more than “just a shoebox” – but that’s the untold story, isn’t it? We fill boxes with toys, add them to the pile, and assume they will be used for good.

But do you know what happens next? If we follow the box, we find hundreds of volunteers who prepare boxes for shipment across the world. Then these simple shoeboxes work into the story of ministries all over the globe, who use them to connect with kids and families and introduce them to Jesus. (We’ve even seen it in action!) It may start with filling a shoebox – but that’s just the first chapter of this story.

Below, find our firsthand story of "following the box." Then keep scrolling for your chance to fill and box and serve with us!

See the Stories

When Shoeboxes (and Our Team) Went to Ecuador

Members of Watermark's External Focus team traveled to a remote village in Ecuador to get a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when kids receive their boxes!

How Operation Christmas Child Makes an Eternal Difference

Little do you know what can come out of that shoebox...

Shoebox Stories from OCC

Hairclips. Pencils. A doll. A necklace. Every item lovingly added to an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift has the potential to impact a child. Read first-hand accounts on Operation Christmas child's site.

Going Deeper with Operation Christmas Child

Learn a little more about maximizing your involvement - deeper info, discipleship tools, and even packing parties!

The untold story: Journey to Fiji to see the ripple effect of these simple shoeboxes.

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Enter the Story

(give, go, and disciple)

Fill a Shoebox

Shoebox Week at Watermark: Sunday, December 6, to Sunday, December 13

Over the last few years, Watermark Church has donated thousands of gift-filled shoeboxes to children around the world! These gifts allow children to connect with local churches and ministries, hear the gospel, and even be discipled throughout the year. We're partnering with Samaritan's Purse for Operation Christmas Child once again!

Please make sure to read the newest instructions! We've created a Watermark Plano-specific guide with everything you need to know about creating a box, plus labels for the box.

Pick up the instructions in the Watermark Plano lobby, or Download the Full-Color Guide here. (For extra labels for multiple shoeboxes, click here.)

Follow the Box: Get Boxes to the World!

OCC Processing Center: Watermark Plano day on Sat., Dec. 12 from 1-5pm

An important step before shoeboxes go all over the world: Volunteers come from all over the Southwest to the high-energy Processing Center to inspect boxes, add extra toys when needed, and get these awesome ministry tools shipped! We have a Center in our own backyard, and volunteer spots set aside for our campus! So drive over to the Carrollton warehouse and join in on the fun. Great for Groups and for anyone 13 or older.

Sign up and get details on the Watermark Plano spots at http://vols.pt/MYBrwg

If you can't make it, other spots are available with Watermark Dallas - visit http://vols.pt/NaHems

For more information on the Processing Center opportunity, contact tarmstrong@watermark.org.