Watermark's QuestCare Clinic

Every. Single. Day. New stories seem to pop up daily at Watermark’s QuestCare Clinic. Its obvious mission is health, caring physically for a community just east of our church.

But while wounds are bandaged and illnesses are halted, much more takes place: our city is served, a neglected neighborhood is loved, relationships are built, and Jesus is proclaimed to the ends of the earth. Not only do patients visit from down the street or across town, but we serve many who were born in nations far away. And we get to pray with all of them, connect them to resources, and make new friends. There are so many untold stories about our Clinic… but you have the chance to enter into tomorrow’s newest chapter.

See the Stories

Making Decisions & Building a Clinic

The neighborhood, the leaders, and how it all came together

Three Recent Stories from the Clinic

A volunteer, a former inmate, and what can happen in the waiting room

Why Did Our Church Start an Urgent Care Clinic?

Spoiler alert: It wasn't for the money.

Making All Things New

Serving at the Clinic meant stepping out of her comfort zone...

When Serving Gets You Scabies Instead of Selfies

Things seemed to "go bad" for one volunteer... but that's not the biggest story here.


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Enter the Story: It Starts with an Open House

Upcoming QuestCare Clinic Open Houses: Friday, December 4, and Thursday, December 17

Come and see what God is up to at the QuestCare Clinic! You’ll get a tour of Watermark's clinic, learn about their vision and how they operate, hear stories of God’s faithfulness, and learn more about how you can be a part of the mission.

Sign up for one of the December Open Houses by clicking below:

For info on future Open Houses, details on the various volunteer opportunities at the Clinic (hours, roles, etc.), and the steps to volunteering, visit the Clinic volunteer page directly at questcareclinic.org/?page_id=49.

And for more questions, contact Christy Chermak at cchermak@watermark.org.

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