Update on Our New Facility

We have been encouraged by those who have invested in the purchase and renovation of our new campus and are excited that construction is now underway (see progress below). We are close to having the resources needed to complete renovation of the main building and hope to move onto the new campus in July or August of this year.

After we complete the main building, there will still be resources needed to construct the porch and gathering space in front of the main entrance, resurface the parking lots that are in disrepair, and renovate the building up the hill to create an area for students, midweek equipping opportunities, and office space for our staff.

Thank you to those who have sacrificially given to what we believe will be a kingdom advancing resource for decades to come. Let’s continue to pray and invest as sacrificially as we can in this facility for our mission and the lives that will be changed!

Give to the Building Fund

Timeline and Resource Status

Give to the Building Fund

How Do I Respond?

  • We are asking that 100% of our body participate by going to the Lord in prayer, specifically asking whether or not God would have you give toward this opportunity.
  • Share with your community group how you are processing this and how you feel God calling you to respond. Give all the time, talents, and treasure that you can, every time that you can, so that more people come to Christ and are transformed by Him.
  • Pray for the completion of the new campus and for the lives that God will change.

What We Believe About Giving

To read more about what we believe about giving, click here

If you have questions, please contact makingroom@watermark.org.

Give to the Building Fund