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In Dallas, initial renovations of the recently acquired East Tower are complete and the bottom floors are now open and ready for ministry use! It's already providing critically needed space during the week to increase our discipleship efforts. There are several other projects on our Dallas and Plano campuses that we’ve wanted to do for years that would allow us to maximize discipleship efforts and the stewardship of those campuses. Learn more about what's happening here in Dallas and Plano!

In Fort Worth, we’re thrilled to announce that on May 8 we closed on the purchase of a 26-acre property off I-30. This will give our Fort Worth family a permanent home and allow us to deepen roots in Tarrant and Parker counties. Now that we have purchased the property, we will need additional resources for renovations. Learn more about what's happening in Fort Worth!

Altogether, we currently have about $5.6 million in our building fund and well over $8.5 million in building opportunities before us across all our campuses. We would ask you to continue to be faithful with the resources God has entrusted to you, pray for how He would have you invest with us, and respond as He leads you. Thank you for faithfully investing your life and resources here. May God continue to encourage you that this is a mission worth investing in!

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For many years, we pursued purchasing the building next door on the Dallas campus. God went before us, and in October of 2016, we were able to purchase the East Tower on the Dallas campus, debt-free. Initial renovations are now complete and the bottom floors of the East Tower are officially open!

Why was this expansion necessary?

Our weekday ministries continue to grow significantly, with more than 7,500 people participating or serving on our Dallas campus throughout the week in over 120 different equipping and outreach opportunities. At night, nearly every single classroom and assembly space is being utilized. As a result, many of ministries are unable to expand because there is not enough meeting space to accommodate the increasing number of people coming to Watermark seeking life change through Jesus Christ.

The East Tower will help us relieve the critical need for mid-week ministry space on our Dallas campus. It expands the Dallas campus footprint by 50% and our meeting space by 40%, creating substantially more space for both existing mid-week ministries and new ministry opportunities. This will also afford more parking spaces for mid-week ministries. Ultimately, this expansion will allow us to make more disciples as we continue in our mission to call all people to be fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Other Projects

In Dallas and Plano, we’ve had a few projects that we’ve wanted to do for years that would allow us to more fully utilize pockets of those campuses and maximize discipleship efforts.

In Plano, we’re considering purchasing the land and parking adjacent to that campus and have various improvements slated for that campus that will help us keep pace with their exciting growth.

In Dallas, there are several areas on campus in need of renovation or expansion including staff office renovations, funds to be set aside for our parking lease, and various campus master planning projects that will allow us to maximize the space given to us for ministry.

Give to the Building Fund


As our fastest-growing campus by percentage, the Fort Worth campus has reached maximum capacity in the temporary facility we’ve been renting and limited space availability continues to present challenges. We are turning away children on Sundays, capping registration numbers for mid-week ministries causing people to wait additional months before participating in a ministry, and are unable to launch new ministries because there is not space to host them.

On May 8, 2017 we officially closed on a facility on 26 acres in an even more strategic location off I-30 – just four miles from our current facility and close to where many in our Fort Worth body live. This purchase will give our body in Fort Worth a permanent home, allowing us to deepen our roots in Tarrant and Parker counties, and further our reach and effectiveness for Christ.

Where Fort Worth Members Live

Timeline and Plan

Closing: May 2017

Planning: Summe/Fall 2017

Renovation: Fall 2017/First Quarter 2018

Potential opening: First Quarter 2018

Phase 1 - Purchase property

  • 26 acres
  • Two buildings: approx. 44,500 sq ft

Phase 2 - Renovate current facility
  • Bring up to code
  • Some functional changes

Phase 3 - Future expansion
  • Children’s
  • Mid-week ministries

Give to the Building Fund


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Give to the Building Fund

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