Bring Justice & Connect Neighbors in West/South Dallas

Interests, Community Outreach, Equipping / Mentoring Adults, Helping Families, Justice, Women's Ministry

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Help ACT fight crime and blight while bringing together neighbors to fight for their communities and families. Great ways to start your involvement with ACT include the following:

Legal professionals can help bring actions against problem properties in these neighborhoods, but they can also help citizens compose their wills (which helps ensure properties are maintained).

Prayer Walks help connect ACT and volunteers with the residents of the neighborhoods they serve.

Bible Studies bring together neighbors, including across racial lines. Volunteers can help host these studies.

Advocates for Community Transformation brings justice to the residents of West Dallas by fighting crime and blight. By engaging residents and building community in this multi-racial neighborhood, ACT is seeing powerful results, and both legal professionals and others can take part! For more info, email

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