Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Operations Assistant

Meet Sarah

Hello from this Georgia peach gone Texas gal! I grew up in the sweet southern state of Georgia and then spent my college years at Auburn University in Alabama – WAAAR EAGLE!, then shortly after made the long journey over to Texas!

If you had asked me even 5 years ago where I’d be planting my roots, Texas would have been far from the top of the list. I never imagined in my shortsighted human-ness the plans God had for me. My plans were to go to Auburn, become an interior designer, and land somewhere “close, but not too close” to home, practice interior design and one day owning my own business. As graduated college, I found myself restless and eager for a new chapter, not only for the beginning of a new career and entering a new life stage, but an inner hunger to know the Lord. I had lived my whole life as a lukewarm Christian, knowing I needed God, but believing that life & fun & adventure was found outside of Him. At the end of college, the Lord let me see a brief picture of what it would look like to live my life with BOTH feet out of the church, and it was miserable. Shortly after, I accepted an internship in Austin, TX and took off for an adventure. I thought then that I had my plans set, I would stay in Austin and make it big, maybe meet a man and live the life there. But to God, Austin was just a stepping stone.

After visiting Dallas for a wedding weekend, I ran into an old Auburn acquaintance who was in Dallas for the summer. She told me about a great job in Dallas, about living in Dallas, and about Watermark & the young adults ministry The Porch. Little did I know, God lined up the timing and the job offers, and at the end of the summer I moved to Dallas full time. My first week at my new job a girl invited me to The Porch. It was crazy the ways I was feeling the Lord pull me back to him. I came to the Porch and heard the Gospel in full display. I was met with both the realization that I was NOT a good person, but desperately needed a Savior, and also the eye-opening understanding of God’s provision for my need and my depravity. I had heard it my whole life, but never in this way, never so real and so personal. Before I even knew I needed Him, God made a way for me. I kept coming, and soon became a member and joined a community group. After 4 sweet years of being invest in by the friends around me, growing in relationship with the Lord, and investing back into Watermark, I was offered the opportunity to join the Operations team as Operations Team Assistant, helping the wheels of ministry turn behind the scenes, and even using some of my design skills to help make Watermark a place where others can come and experience the same life change I did. Never would I have imagined that I’d be working at a church, let alone that God would change my heart to want to, but God has been exceedingly good in the surprises of this life.

I am married to a hilarious man who loves and serves the Lord at Watermark as I’m destined to be a Texan forever!

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