Paige Tisdale

Paige Tisdale

College Ministry Coordinator

Meet Paige

I’m a true Okie having grown up in Stillwater and having gone to Oklahoma State. So, naturally orange blood runs through these veins. My dad, mom, and brother also bleed orange, so you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Oddly enough, I found myself in a huge city that I said I would never live in, Dallas, TX. I love traveling the world, playing any sport outside, running many many miles, trying new coffee shops, and wearing the most ridiculous outfits.

I grew up in a home where Christ was never the center. Towards the end high school, God transformed my life using Stillwater K-Life and led me down a path to form a relationship with Him. My summers were spent at Kanakuk Kamps out in the back country of Lampe, MO. I was consistently challenged by scripture and introduced to a picture of true biblical community. It was there that He taught me that He is the only one who will ever satisfy and He is able to do immeasurably more than I could imagine (Ephesians 3). Right after college, in 2015, I practically lived at Watermark over many late nights as I went through the Residency Program and got to disciple college students. Those college girls truly are my people. The Lord used that program to show me how He uses the local church to transform lives. After a year here, I think I’ve finally learned all the crazy Watermark lingo and I would love to circle back with you on any of it you don’t understand yet. Maybe even double click on a thing or two.

My days are now spent serving as the women’s college coordinator and I get to watch students lives changed by the grace we receive through faith. And if you need me, I’ll be pretending like I’m still in college somewhere in the DFW area…

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