Nika Spaulding

Nika Spaulding

Director of Women’s Equipping & Curriculum


Meet Nika

With a name like Nika Spaulding, I naturally found myself drawn to sports of all kinds at a young age. After the days of skinned knees and plastic trophies, my competitive nature bled into other areas of my life—even relationships. Unable to trust people to love the authentic me, I performed well to win the affection of those around me. Accolades equaled love, and failure equaled abandonment.

After a difficult year in ministry full of failures, I realized my brokenness and the love of a Savior that never changed. For the first time I understood that God loved me neither less nor more for the things I did. Today I walk in the freedom of being known and loved by God, which has translated into authentic relationships with others around me.

During my time at Dallas Theological Seminary, I developed a passion to think well about the Lord. This appetite drove me to get involved with the Women’s Equipping Team at Watermark. When asked to come on staff, I was excited (and admittedly terrified and humbled) to help equip women to love the Lord with their hearts, souls and minds.

Now that I am not competing for affection, I exercise my competitive nature elsewhere: sports, trivia games, cheering for the University of Oklahoma Sooners, etc. I believe an evening spent with good friends over a good meal is almost divine. Lastly, being an aunt to Jayden, Nixon and Ainsley is the greatest honor and joy the Lord has ever given me.

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