John Elmore

John Elmore

Director of Community & re:generation

Meet John

If you’re reading this, God has led you to re:generation for a reason - for your life to NEVER BE THE SAME. Re:gen is a wild place of growth, healing, transformation, freedom, and radical life change beyond what you can imagine. And yet…re:gen won’t change you. Let me explain. I used to just believe the historical facts about Jesus: died, rose, Son of God…ok…check, but He didn’t have anything to do with me or my life. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Jesus is real: personal, present and powerful. You are NEVER too far gone. And He can change EVERYTHING.

I have the joy of serving you as the Director of re:generation at the Dallas Campus. It's a dream job for me because I get to walk with people who are humbly seeking (and getting!) freedom and growth from a daily walk with Jesus - in community – leaving behind the pain of the past, and places where they’re stuck – places that I myself am all too familiar with. As a recovering alcoholic (my last drink was on 12/21/05 and my next drink will be at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb – you can help hold me to that!), I know firsthand the wreckage that comes from living a life disconnected from God. But much more than that, I now know that Jesus’ promise of a new, full, abundant life in Him is better than I ever dreamed life could be - and it is my life’s purpose now to point people to the Healer, Redeemer, Creator and Deliverer. I’m just one beggar telling another where to get the Bread (John 6:35).

I was raised in Springfield, Missouri, and got to Texas via Baylor University. After eight years in advertising, sales and reckless, foolish living down in Austin, I found myself walking into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, following a family intervention in 2005. At the age of 30, I surrendered my life and will to Jesus and He began changing everything. Addictions, hopelessness, anxiety and depression quickly turned to freedom, purpose, peace and joy. I enrolled in the Kanakuk Institute to be discipled and learn the bible and earned an MA from John Brown University and a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary - while serving with ministries in Dallas, Haiti and Sudan along the way.

I love (and like so much!) my wife and best friend, Laura. We believe the quality of our marriage rises and falls, not on circumstances or feelings, but based on our daily abiding with Jesus (Jn 15.5). She is God’s tangible grace to me and we are having a ball raising our three children (boy, girl, boy). God is using our children to teach us daily about the depth of love the Father has for us and how to daily die to self (Gal 2.20).

But this ain’t about me. It’s about you and the LORD…So, back to you…you’re reading this for a reason.

Are you feeling stuck? Wish you could hit reset? Don’t like who you have become? Want a clean slate? Want to become a leader instead of a liability?

Come to re:gen…it won’t change you, but Jesus will! FACT. (and soon your “bio” won’t read the same either…you’ll have a new story to tell. And I can’t wait to read it). Come…You’ll NEVER BE THE SAME!

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