Ginger  McFadden

Ginger McFadden

Coffee Shop Coordinator

Meet Ginger

Hey there! I grew up in good ol’ Mesquite, Texas with my parents, two older brothers, and a church home that I owe my roots to. Don’t let my hometown or my occasional country drawl fool you; I’ve never been to a rodeo, and I don’t ever wear cowboy boots. (I do, however, like trucks, country music, and the outdoors…a lot!)

I came to know Christ in middle school. Through the message of the Gospel, I learned that Jesus’ death on the cross gave me access to a life of unmerited grace, and even when I wasn’t perfect, God accepted me. I realized that Jesus was the only one worthy of all of my hope, and I began striving to follow Him daily.

After graduating from high school, I went against the Aggie family tradition, and enrolled at a local bible college. I wasn’t quite sure where the path would lead me, but I knew I was interested in becoming more equipped in God’s word and would just have to see where He would take me next. I started attending Watermark my senior year of college, and within weeks of walking through the doors, I was connected in community, and passionately serving. I was known – and I embraced it.

Life after college was confusing. I had a degree in Biblical Studies from Criswell Bible College, but I struggled to figure out what to do with it. Unsure of where to focus my time, I kept walking, trusting that He was leading me. The sweetness of the Lord is that, all along, He had this season in place for me. Today, you can find me working in the Frontlines Ministry and managing the Watermark Coffee Shop. It is mind blowing and so exciting that my job combines my passions of serving Christ, welcoming and connecting others and—of course—coffee!

Speaking of passions, I love to: hammock, laugh really loud, eat dinner on any patio, take road trips, indulge in Mexican food, travel overseas, and explore different sno cone flavors. I love the way the Lord shows His goodness through nature, a good cup of coffee, deep conversations, and listening to the rain. My favorite way to enjoy these things is to do them with the friends and family with whom I get to live this rich life.

If you see me around, say hello -- I would love nothing more than to get to know you!

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