Caitlin Van Wagoner

Caitlin Van Wagoner

Director of Communications


Meet Caitlin

Hi there. I’m Caitlin. I grew up right here in Dallas before heading to college at Texas A&M and graduate school at The American University. I spent the first five years of my career as a brand strategist – helping clients define, refine, and articulate their brand through advertising. Then in 2016, I took a hard left turn out of the ad agency world to serve as the Director of Communications here at Watermark. While that might seem like a drastic move, God had been preparing me for it.

For most of my life, ambition drove almost every major decision I made. I spent most of my twenties as a competitive workaholic – enslaved by my obsessive need for applause. While I knew Christ at a young age, I often treated faith like a competitive sport – like something I could “win” at if I tried hard enough.

But then in 2014, God used a long illness to break (and eventually remake) me. He used that pain and confusion to teach me that my worth and identity aren’t rooted in what I do – but in what He already did for me on the cross. Jesus paid it all. I can do nothing to earn His love. His grace is sufficient. That is some really good news right there, y’all.

After I recovered from my illness, God started to gently whisper that He was preparing me for a change and lay the groundwork for a shift. A few months later, He unexpectedly led me here. Now I get to help tell the story of this place, these people, and – above all – our God. It’s a privilege, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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