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Tapestry is Watermark's family restoration, foster care & adoption ministry. We serve children and families who are connecting to Child Protective Services due to abuse or neglect as well as those who are giving of their families to foster or adopt (James 1:27). We desire to see children restored to their families, and when that is no longer possible, we want to ensure every child has a home they can call their own.

We are organizing initiatives with other churches to span the continuum of care for children from hard places so no child lingers in foster care or "ages out" without hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and experiences the support of a church family.

It is our goal that no child or parent walks the journey of abuse, neglect, or healing alone. So, whether we are fighting along your side to help reunify your family or guide you in parenting a child who has experienced complex trauma, Watermark is a supportive community of believers where you are welcome.

We also want to serve as a resource for those at Watermark and throughout the community who are interested in knowing more about God's heart for the orphan. Scripture repeatedly refers to those who have believed in Christ as children of God. As such, our adoption experiences give us a wonderful perspective concerning those who have received God's saving grace through faith in Christ - we are all adopted! We are woven together by grace into the 'tapestry' of His family. Sharing this spiritual aspect of adoption is an integral part of Tapestry's ministry.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming Tapestry events or connecting to our efforts, sign up here.

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