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Highlights from #DTown18

DTown is our biggest (some would say best) event of the year! It’s a local Friday through Sunday retreat hosted by Watermark Dallas and more than 110 homes around the church. The worship services and activities at DTown are designed for teens and you’ll have a ton of fun just hanging out with your friends. Most importantly, this weekend will interrupt your busy, stressed out routine and give you a chance to sit back and evaluate your relationships with God and with others. DTown is a weekend you’ll never forget!

  • When? February 2-4, 2018
  • What? Schedule, Packing List, and Host Home Addresses
  • Where? Watermark Dallas, Host Homes
  • Who? All 6-12th grade students
  • How? Small Group leaders (volunteers) coordinate host homes (parents) and transportation
  • Cost? $80 before January 24, $95 after January 24
  • Registration is closed.

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Health precautions
Because of the nature of this year’s flu season, we are asking our participants to be extra cautious. Remind everyone participating not to share drinks and to wash hands frequently. If a participant has symptoms of illness leading up to the weekend, we ask that they choose to stay home until they are symptom free for 24-hours. To prevent the spread of illness, anyone who displays symptoms like fever, body aches, vomiting, etc. while at DTown can expect to be quarantined and parents will be summoned to come pick them up. Thanks for helping support a safe and fun weekend of worship!

Come and Go, Payment Policy
We get requests for partial payment every year and our policy has always been to keep one "ticket price" and allow kids to come and go. With 1,500+ participants, we can't possibly accommodate price adjustments for every unique scenario. Students who wish to participate in any part of DTown are required to register just like everyone else. We understand there are unavoidable conflicts, students are allowed to come and go as long as they communicate and coordinate their schedule with the adult leader(s) in charge of their Small Group.

If finances are an issue, we will work with families to pay over time on a plan that fits their budget. We also encourage them to share the need with their Small Group or Community Group.