When we think the cause of homelessness is simple, then our response will be simple, too - just dropping coins in a cup, pizza on a plate, or a guy at the train station. But the actual causes of homelessness are many - and they're usually complex. So good answers and the best kind of help require wisdom and knowledge... and an underlying assumption that everyone needs discipleship, wherever they are on the spectrum of a relationship with Christ.

OurCalling is this kind of homeless ministry: dedicated, laser-focused, knowledgeable, wise, and discipling. They (literally) search out the homeless of Dallas and welcome them in - not to a shelter (though they'll point people to great ones), but to daytime relationships, resources, and recovery. From their breakthrough tracking system to their radically useful little "Help I'm Homeless" booklet to a brand new center near Downtown, OurCalling is leading the way with the "least of these."


with OurCalling

Serve with OurCalling This Season

Jump into the story of dozens of homeless men and women who find - or are found by - OurCalling. The opportunities below are available between now and the end of the holidays. Contact ourcalling@watermark.org to learn more about the ministry or find other ways to serve in the new year!

(G) = Good for groups, (F) = Good for families

Distribute Resources to the Homeless: Weekdays

Help OurCalling serve the homeless by taking orders and distributing resources to guests who come to the center. Shifts are available on Mondays from 11:00-am-4:00pm and Tuesday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Reach out to Cali McCormac at volunteer@ourcalling.org for more information and to sign-up. (G)

Mentoring Homeless Individuals: Weekdays

Serve with OurCalling to mentor homeless individuals during the daily Bible study offered onsite. Spots are available M-F 2:00pm-3:00pm. Reach out to Brandon Wallace at bwallace@ourcalling.org for more information and sign-up opportunities.

Bible Study with the Homeless: Friday nights

Step in with OurCalling on Friday nights from 7:00-9:00 to serve at the Bridge Homeless Shelter. OurCalling hosts a Bible study each week and you can be a part of it by emailing Cali McCormac at volunteer@ourcalling.org. (G)

"Search and Rescue" with the Homeless: Most Saturdays

Help OurCalling with their Search and Rescue teams, which go into tent communities and meet the needs of the homeless living on the fringes. This opportunity is available every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Saturday of each month from 8:45am-1:00pm. You can sign-up by contacting Cali McCormac at volunteer@ourcalling.org. (G)

Women's Homeless Group: Mondays

Serve at OurCalling with the Women’s Bible Study group every Monday morning from 8:30am-9:30am and care for the homeless women of Dallas. Sign-up and receive additional details by emailing Cali McCormac at volunteer@ourcalling.org.

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