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Join us at the table this season...

Every Christmas season, we offer service opportunities and more - to help you serve, invite your friends, and disciple your family. This year, we invite you to reach international people groups - in our city and around the world.

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If you attend the Dallas campus, click here instead for service opportunities.

ESL Classes with Love Is

Any day Monday through Thursday
6050 Ridgecrest Rd., Dallas

Love Is offers computer-based, self-paced ESL classes. Each class is two hours. Volunteers are needed to connect with participants and provide one hour of one-on-one guided conversation (using a book) to reinforce lessons.

Contact for more info.

International Discipleship Trips to Haiti

We regularly establish new trips and will likely have several in 2017. If you're interested in these trips, please read our International Trips Page first. Then contact if you're still interested and want to be notified when other trips are set!

The only confirmed Haiti trips at this moment are the twice-a-year Haiti Family Trips each November and February. (Next open trip is Nov. 2017.) But new trips are being planned as we speak!