Todd Wagner Speaks With Family Life Radio On Biblical Manhood / Womanhood


This week our senior pastor Todd Wagner had the opportunity to speak on Family Life Radio on what it means to be “God’s Man” or “God’s Woman.”

You can listen to the interviews by clicking the links below and we encourage you to download the handouts that go with these interviews here (characteristics of a Godly man) and here (characteristics of a Godly woman.) Be sure to visit the links, print out the handouts, and follow along with Todd as you listen to the interviews below.

1. What it means to be God's Man.

2. What it means to be God's woman.

There’s no greater gift a parent can give their children than helping them become the person God created them to be. We encourage to check out Todd’s series, Gifts I’d Give My Children, for some additional resources to help you do that.

What ways are you helping your children become the person God created them to be? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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