The Story Where I Wasn't Needed (Tales from Our Clinic)

As an External Focus team, we are regularly excited by stories of life-change and God doing powerful things at the QuestCare Clinic. And what we learn there usually applies anywhere people are serving! So we asked our coordinator to share one of her favorite stories with you.

It was a dark and stormy night.

No, not really. It was actually during the middle of the day, and it was pretty hot and sunny out.

So, starting over.

"A clear pattern was emerging"

It was a warm and bright day around 11am. I had only been working at the QuestCare Clinic for a few months, but during those few months a clear pattern was emerging.

We were seeing more and more men and women from different nationalities and faith backgrounds… and a majority of those who came from outside Christianity happened to be Muslim. There were some days when a third of our patients were English speakers, a third spoke Spanish, and a third spoke Arabic.

As this pattern of an increase in Muslims became clearer, I knew we needed to do something to prepare. The Lord was giving us the chance to love others in a unique way, and I wanted to make sure we stewarded it well.

So I had planned a meeting.

"So I had planned a meeting"

I had invited our friend Abner Wahhab, a Muslim-background believer and Watermark staff member, to come share with us about Islam. (You can find his Training Day on the same topic here!) I had also invited a few of our volunteer leaders. I wanted to make sure that our committed, faithful volunteers had the chance to be trained on how to reach Muslims as the Lord brought them through our doors.

That morning meeting went great. Abner gave us a run down on Islam. He shared his story. We got a chance to talk about next steps as a team. As far as meetings go, it was one for the record books!

After saying goodbye to everyone, I cleaned up our bagels, pushed the tables back to their original positions, and thought, “I’ll go check how the rest of the clinic has been doing today.”

So I walked to the front of our building to check on our front desk and pastoral care volunteers. (They hadn't been a part of the meeting but were serving with us that day.)

“Hey guys, how’s it going so far?”

"How's it going so far?"

“Great”, one of my volunteers replied. “Actually I was wondering if you have a procedure if someone prays to receive Christ here on site.”

Well, this question gave me many more questions.

The volunteer explained. He had gotten into a conversation with a man in the lobby about Christ. It was an Arab man who identified as Muslim. My volunteer shared with him truth from Scripture about a God who loved him so much He sacrificed His life for him. And the man said he believed it was true. The man said - right there in our lobby - that he wanted to accept Christ, saying he was willing even if it meant being disowned by his Muslim family. So they talked, they prayed, and his medical needs got tended to. All while I was in a meeting.

Did you catch that?

So in case you missed it. Here’s what happened:

While I was in the back of the clinic… with my leaders… learning about how to reach Muslims... a guy I didn’t invite to the meeting was at the front reaching Muslims.

Wait. What? You mean the Lord didn’t need my meeting with bagels and PowerPoint presentations? He didn't wait until we were "properly equipped" to give someone else in the clinic some "on the job" training?

Oftentimes around Watermark you’ll hear us say that the Lord is working here in spite of us. I believe that, and I’m pretty sure I’ve even said it. But never have I seen it so clearly play out. In the same way, I have often said that all I do to help make the clinic run is unlock the door in the morning. But now I know that if that door stayed locked, the Lord might just orchestrate a revival in the parking lot!

This story is one of my favorites because out of ALL the many stories I get the PRIVILEGE of witnessing, this one reminds me most clearly how BIG the Lord is. I am NOT in control here. I can come up with fancy plans and procedures and systems to make this clinic run more smoothly. (We can even share them on our blog!) But the Lord will do what He wants to do, with or without me. I don’t carry the burden of figuring out how to reach the men and women that come through our doors. I just show up and see what He does.

Just like we all do.

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