​Make the Most of Your Summer with Our Summer Tune Up

For many people, summer brings with it cookouts, pool parties, Texas Rangers baseball games, and summer road trips! If you choose to embark on a summer road trip, you’ll likely be keeping an eye on your car’s gauges (e.g., speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, oil pressure, etc.). You’ll keep a constant eye on these gauges to make sure the needles are where they need to be.

Bill Hybels suggests that we also have three internal gauges we need to monitor constantly. Our “spiritual gauge” measures feelings of connectedness to Christ. Our “physical gauge” has to do with our physical well-being and fitness. Finally, our “emotional gauge” is fueled by activities that bring us delight, and leave us feeling inspired and fulfilled. Just like with our cars, problems can arise when even one of our gauges is depleted.

If you’ve neglected any of these gauges lately, the summer is the perfect time for a personal tune up. All summer long, we’ll be sharing a resource each week to help you reset spiritually, physically, or emotionally as part of our Summer Tune Up blog series.

Summer Tune-Up

June 19: Spiritual Gauge – Extended Time With the Lord

Guide to Having An Extended Time in Prayer

We live in a world where our gadgets are constantly beeping, ringing, or buzzing for our attention. It can seem difficult to spend just a few minutes alone with God, much less an extended period. However, the practice of engaging in an extended time with the Lord is important to keeping our spiritual gauge full.

This summer, we would encourage you to set aside an extended length of time to devote yourself to prayer. Consider scheduling a personal day from work or blocking off part of a weekend.

This guide will give you practical tips to help you focus and structure your time, as well as scripture to get you started.

Download the guide

Check back next week as we share our Staff Summer Reading Recommendations!

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