How to Worship with Starting Blocks Songs at Home


From the lips of children and infants
you, Lord, have called forth your praise…

Matthew 21:16 (NIV)

One of my favorite things to do on Sundays in Starting Blocks is to peak in and observe the children during their WeeJoice time. It makes my heart so happy to see these little ones learning to worship Jesus at such an early age. This year we have introduced some new songs that the kids are being taught with each of our curriculum units. Our hope is that this will create more consistency in the songs each of our age groups learn in Starting Blocks. The good news is that families now have access to these songs as well!

Amber Sky Records

For years parents have asked for copies of the songs we use on Sundays, but we have been prevented from sharing due to copyright law. However, all of our new songs are available for you to purchase from Amber Sky Records. Here’s how . . .

  1. Go to (This website works best with Google Chrome.)
  2. Choose [Register new account] at the top of the page and follow the prompts to create an account.
  3. Once you have created and activated your account, log into the system and click on Playlists.
  4. Enter Watermark’s zip code, 75251, and then select “Starting Blocks 2013” from the list shown.
  5. We are teaching a new song with each of our curriculum units in Starting Blocks. All 11 of the songs we will teach this year are shown on the playlist. You may purchase as many of them at a time as you want. The songs and corresponding units are shown in the chart below. We will not be teaching the song in Starting Blocks until we start the unit, but that does not mean you cannot be listening to them at home ahead of time.

UPDATE: Most of these songs are now available on iTunes and Spotify. Links below.

Song Title Unit Name 2013-2014 Dates
God Made It all (iTunes | Spotify) The Beginning Aug-Sept
How Great Is Our God (iTunes | Spotify) Patriarchs Sept
Wherever Whatever Moses & Joshua Oct-Nov
Joy! (iTunes | Spotify) Kings & Prophets Nov-Dec
Above All Names (iTunes | Spotify) Christmas Dec
My Best Friend (iTunes | Spotify) Jesus Jan-Feb
Whoa, I Have Life (iTunes | Spotify) Miracles & Parables Feb-Mar
The Bath Song (iTunes | Spotify) Easter Mar-Apr
God Cares for Me Early Church May-Jun
God Loves You and Me (iTunes | Spotify) Serving Others June
Oh, He Loves Me (iTunes | Spotify) Old Testament July-Aug

Worship Together

I encourage you to get these songs and enjoy them in the car and at home with your kids. Have your kids teach you the motions to the songs so you can worship together! The more often your child hears these songs the more they will know them and the truths they teach. Take advantage of the power of music to set truth in the hearts of your kids (and yourself).

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