Ruth Cares for Naomi: Three Activities for Preschool Families

Putting others first is not something that children do naturally – and neither do we. Sin stains all of us with an automatic “me first” mentality that has to be trained and disciplined out of us. This week’s activities are a great way to continue that training in your kids. Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to put others first this week, too! Be sure to check out the Watermark External Focus Give and Go materials for more great ideas on teaching your kids to Serve this summer.

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week, your child learned that we show others God’s love by putting them first. God can be trusted, no matter what happens. In the story of Ruth, a young woman from Moab was married to one of Naomi’s sons. When Naomi’s husband and sons died, she urged her daughters-in-law to return to their people and their gods. One left for her homeland, but Ruth stayed. She wanted to remain with Naomi and take care of her. She followed Naomi to a land and a people unfamiliar to her. While in this new land, she cared for Naomi. She gathered grain and took good care of her mother-in- law. The Lord was with Ruth, and He provided for her. Ruth became the wife of Boaz, a relative of Naomi. Later, Ruth gave birth to a son. King David and later Jesus came from this lineage. (Ruth 1- 4)

Teaching Truth:

We show others God’s love by putting others first.

Memory Verse:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind... And love your neighbor as yourself." Mathew 22:37, 39 (NIV)

3 Activities That Help Us Learn We Can Show God's Love by Helping Others:

1. Leaves of Serving

Cut out several large, simple, oval leaves out of yellow or brown construction paper. Write the names of several family members, one name on each leaf. Let your child color and cut “fringe” on each leaf so it looks more like grain. Have your child close his eyes and hide each piece of grain. Let your child gather the grain and as he finds them read the name on the piece of grain and think of one thing he could do to serve that person such as putting dad’s shoes in his closet or calling a grandparent who lives far away to say I love you.

2. Lead & Trust

Go out on a walk with your child and talk about how Ruth chose to follow Naomi and help her. Ruth might have been scared to go to a new place, but God took care of her and Naomi. Have your child close his eyes and take your hand. Help him walk safely for several feet and then switch places and let him guide you. As you walk, discuss with you child how we should trust God to always take care of us, even when we are in new or maybe scary circumstances. Continue to talk with your child by using these questions.
1. Did Ruth choose to stay with her family or go far away with Naomi?
2. Did God provide for Ruth and Naomi?
3. How can you show God’s love by putting others first?

3. Sing a Song

Sing the song with your child to the tune of Wheels on the Bus.

Ruth helped Naomi by trusting God
Trusting God, trusting God
Ruth helped Naomi by trusting God all through the years


Lord, I love you. Help me to show my love for You by serving people around me. Help me to notice ways I can help my friends and family and show them Your love through my actions.

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