Plano Promotion Sunday 2015: What You Need to Know

This Sunday, August 23rd is Promotion Sunday at Watermark, when most of our children and students “move up” to their new classes. We hope that the following information will help make this transition as smooth as possible for your family. Please take note of a couple new locations since construction on our new space will be complete this week! Our team is excited to begin a new school year in Watermark Kids as well as our Student Ministry. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve your family as we partner with you to train up your children to full devotion to Jesus!

What’s New?

  • Construction is complete and Stage 4 will be opened on Sunday. Wake (6th-8th grade) will now meet in Stage 4 at the 11:15 service.
  • Another part of the new area is five classrooms which will be used by The Dash for small group time. These classrooms are adjacent to the Dash lobby area. Drop off for kids in The Dash will remain in Stage 2 (corner large room on the middle south side). Pick up locations will shift to the new classrooms for some small groups. Find a Dash leader for the location of your child’s small group.

Other Basic Information:

Starting Blocks (birth-Pre-K) classrooms are located on the north side of the Watermark Kids area. Follow the colored waves on the walls to your child’s classroom.

K1 Race (Kindergarteners & 1st graders) drop off and pick up in their respective classrooms. These are located down the hallway in the southwest corner of the campus.

The Dash (2nd – 5th graders) will be dropped off in Stage 2 (corner large room on the south side of the Watermark Kids area) and picked up wherever their small group meets (new classrooms or Stage 2 or Stage 3).

Wake (6-8th graders) meets during the 11:15 service only in the new Stage 4. Not in a small group yet? Parents of 6th graders and other new students can visit the website for details on how to get connected.

Monthly Shoreline (9th-12th Graders) launches in Plano on Wednesday September 9 at 7:00 pm in Stage 4. Weekly Small Groups will meet at Watermark Plano in Stage 4 on Wednesday nights beginning August 26th. Head to the website for more information to get connected.

Volunteers are still needed throughout all of our ministries! Sign up to serve in a variety of ways by filling out a volunteer application HERE.

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