Three Wise Men Activities for Preschoolers: Starting Blocks Playbook for December 28th

Christmas is over. The gifts are opened. Toys have been played with; some of them may even be broken already. As a child I always was a bit depressed after Christmas was over. Life just seemed so ordinary with all the excitement and anticipation ended. Your kids may be feeling the same thing. This is a great time to talk through the story of the wise men visiting Jesus as a family and remind your kids how great it is that we get to worship Jesus all year long.

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week your child learned that Wise men from the East came to visit Jesus in Bethlehem. They followed the star to Jerusalem asking, “Where is the one who has been born the King of the Jews?” King Herod called together the religious leaders who told him that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. Herod sent the visitors to Bethlehem to search for the child and asked them to return to him once they had found the baby. The wise men found Jesus in Bethlehem and worshipped him and gave him special gifts. They did not go back to Herod because an angel warned them in a dream to return home another way.
(Matthew 2: 1-12)

Teaching Truth

  • Wise men worshiped Jesus.

Memory Verse:

“For God loved the world so much that He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

Here’s a simple song to help your child (and you) memorize this week’s memory verse!

3 Activities that remind us of the wise men who worshiped Jesus:

1. A Sweet Treat

The Wise Men celebrated after Jesus’ birth. It may be after Christmas, but it is never too late to take a special something to a neighbor or friend and tell them the good news of Jesus’ birth. So head to the kitchen and make some cookies with your child. Let him decorate a card celebrating the birth of Jesus. Attach the card to the plate of cookie and have your child help deliver the treat.

2. Paper Sack Wise Men

Grab three paper sack and let your child decorate the outside. Help him draw a face on the front of each bag. Cut out three crowns from yellow paper and tape or glue one to the top of each bag. Open the bags and stuff each one with newspaper or tissue paper. Hide a treat in each bag and then staple them closed.

3. Following the Star

Have your child choose a doll or stuffed animal to be baby Jesus, wrap him in a blanket and place him in a room. Cut out several large yellow stars. Place the star cutouts on the floor to lead the way to find baby Jesus. Grab the paper sack wise men from the previous activity and pretend to be the wise men following the star. Start at the beginning and follow the stars to baby Jesus. When your child finds baby Jesus, open up the sack to give Jesus the gifts just as the wise men did. Continue to talk about the wise men using these questions.

  1. The wise men went in search of a king, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh- very expensive, valuable things… what kind of king do you think they were expecting?
  2. What do kings normally look like? (Crowns, thrones, robes, etc) How was Jesus different? Was he still a king?
  3. What kind of gifts can we give Jesus? (What are some ways we can worship Him?)


Dear God, your plans are so amazing! Even though Jesus did not look like a king, we know He is the ruler of this whole world and that He must love us so much to have come to earth the way He did. Show us how we can worship Christ in everything we do. Amen

Image via Flickr Creative Commons

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