3 Last Supper Activities for Preschoolers: Starting Blocks Playbook For April 6

last-supper-starting-blocks-2014Communion is often a religious event devoid of much true meaning to those who partake of it.  Jesus intended it to be a sweet reminder of His sacrifice for us.  As you teach your preschooler about the Last Supper this week, remind yourself that Jesus died and rose again because He loves you.

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week your child learned about the last supper, Jesus’ last meal on earth.   He explained to His disciples  that everything  He was doing was because He loved them.  He also told them one of His helpers would betray Him for just a few coins.  He then took bread and  broke it.  He told the disciples His body would be broken like the bread.  He took wine and drank it.  The wine was  like His blood that would spill to cover  our sins.  He told  His friends  to think of Him when they ate and drank to remember all He had done for them.  After dinner Jesus and the disciples went to the garden to pray.  Jesus  agonized about  the sin He would carry to the cross with Him and asked God to help Him .

Where’s It Found?

Matt. 26:20-30; Mark 14:17-26; Luke 22:14-30, 39-53; and John 13:21-303

Teaching Truths

  •  Jesus is our Passover Lamb.
  •  Jesus loves you!
  •  Jesus wants us to remember that He gave His Life for us.

Memory Verse:

“But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.”

Romans 5:8

Here’s a simple song to help your children (and you) memorize this month’s memory verse!

3 Fun Family Activities To Remind Us of Jesus’ Sacrificial Love

1. Decorating Cups and Plates

Grab a large white paper plate that doesn’t have any designs on it and a paper cup. Around the edge of the plate let your child decorate it with pictures of things he is thankful for using crayons, markers or stickers. Let your child do the same to the outside of the paper cup.

2. Snack: Bread and Juice

While at the grocery store, let your child pick out some rolls and juice. Talk with your child about how Jesus shared a meal with his friends.  Spread a table cloth over the table or on the floor. Grab several stuffed animals to be Jesus’ friends and line them up around the cloth. Use the paper plate and cup from the earlier activity and the rolls and juice you picked up from the store. Pass out the rolls, pour the juice and read the story about the last supper from the Bible.   Here’s some questions to talk about it afterwards.

  •  How did Jesus celebrate the Passover feast with his friends?
  •  Can you remember anything Jesus said to his friends?
  •  Which one of Jesus friends told the soldiers where he was?
  •  Who is our Passover Lamb?

3.  Last Supper Tune

Sing this song about the Last Supper to the tune of Wheels on the Bus:

“The friends of Jesus like to eat and eat, eat and eat, eat and eat. The friends of Jesus like to eat and eat, at the supper.”

“Jesus took the bread and broke it up, broke it up, broke it up. Jesus took the bread and broke it up at the supper.”

“Jesus took the wine and poured it all, poured it all, poured it all. Jesus took the wine and poured it all at the supper.”

“Jesus showed friends his love and love, love and love, love and love. Jesus showed friends his love and love at the supper.”


Jesus, I know you sacrificed your life for me because you love me so much.  Thank you for your wonderful gift!  Help me to honor you by serving others the way you served. Help me to put others before myself.  Amen

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