3 Joseph & His Colorful Coat Activities for Preschoolers: Starting Blocks Playbook for September 22nd

starting-blocks-joseph“It’s not fair!” Odds are, if your kids are talking even a little bit, these words (or some variation of them) have already come out of their mouths. We learn early on in life that things aren’t always “fair” and begin to question the “whys” behind the injustice at the same time. It is important for us as parents to acknowledge this reality and give our children a lens through which to understand the answers to these questions.

Fortunately, God’s Word gives us plenty of material to work with to help us both illustrate this point of life’s “unfairness” and point us to the truths that help us as we wrestle with the “whys” of life. The story of Joseph is somewhere near the top of the list of Bible stories that show God at work in the injustice of this world and provides a foundation of understanding God’s sovereign control over everything that kids (and their parents) so desperately need. Dive back into the story of Joseph, his beautiful coat, and his angry brothers this week with your child and marvel at God’s control through it all!

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week your child learned about Joseph. He was the son of Jacob, who we learned about last week. Jacob loved Joseph more than all of his other sons and gave him a beautiful, colorful coat. Joseph also had many dreams about being in a position of power.  All of this made his eleven brothers very jealous.  They threw Joseph in a very deep hole in the ground. Then, they decided to sell Joseph as a slave to a group of men from Egypt.  They tore his beautiful coat into pieces, dipped it in the blood of an animal and showed it to their father, Jacob. They lied to their father, saying that a wild animal must have eaten Joseph and this was all that was left of him. All the while, Joseph was on his way to Egypt as a slave, but God NEVER left Joseph.

Where’s It Found?

Genesis 37

Teaching Truth:

God is in control of  everything.

Memory Verse:

“God’s way is perfect.  All the Lord’s promises prove true.”

Psalm 18:30

3 Fun Family Activities for Remembering that God is Always in Control

1. Colorful Coat Activity

Using a coffee filter, have your child color the filter with washable markers, making the coffee filter as colorful as possible.  Then using a spray bottle filled with water, lightly squirt the coffee filter so the colors run together.  Cut a small slit in the center of the coffee filter and slide a popsicle stick through the opening.  Tape the filter to the popsicle stick and draw a simple face on the stick so it becomes Joseph and his coat of many colors.

2. Sweet Treat!

Make this sweet treat for a snack or dessert.  Grab a banana, cut it in half (not lengthwise) and peel it.  Use two stick pretzels for arms and place them in the banana.  Use a multi-colored fruit rollup for the coat, wrap it around the banana and use a toothpick to hold it.  Use two chocolate mini morsels for the eyes and butterscotch morsels for his mouth.  As you eat and enjoy your treat talk about the story with your child.

  • Why were Joseph’s brothers jealous?
  • Who protected Joseph?
  • Even though bad things were happening to Joseph, who was in control?
  • Is God in control of your life too?

3. Our Own Colorful Coat

Get a large grocery size sack so your child can make his own colorful coat.  Open the sack, cut a straight line on one side and a circle at the top.  On each side cut a circle so your child can wear it like a vest.  Then let your child color the sack or glue squares of fabric or tissue to make it very colorful.


God, thank you that you are in control of everything. We don’t have to be afraid or worry because you are always with us. Help us trust You more each day. We love you. Amen

Talk Back

What is one question your child asked about God while you were doing these activities and how did you answer it? Leave us a comment and let us all learn from you!

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