Jonah: Three Activities for Preschool Families

The story of Jonah and Ninevah is such a great demonstration of how much God loves sinners.The Ninevites were a violent, pagan people that Jonah had good reason to dislike. God gave them a second chance, just like He gave us. Praise God for His amazing grace and mercy!

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This week your child learned that God wants us to obey Him, we cannot hide from God and that He loves us even when we do wrong things. The Lord called to Jonah and told him to go to Nineveh to tell the people to stop doing bad things, but Jonah didn’t want to go. He tried to run from the Lord by getting on a boat headed to another city. A storm came and it would not go away. The men on the boat asked Jonah why this was happening. He told them he was trying to run away from the Lord. The storm got worse and the men decided to throw Jonah overboard. Once they threw him into the ocean, the sea quickly calmed down and the storm ended. Then the Lord provided a big fish to swallow Jonah. Jonah lived in its belly for three days. Finally, Jonah asked God for forgiveness and the fish spit him onto dry land. Jonah then obeyed God. He went to Nineveh and did what God commanded (Jonah 1-3).

Teaching Truth:

1. God wants us to obey Him.

2. We cannot hide from God.

3. God loves us even when we do wrong things.

Memory Verse:

"Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3 (NASB)

3 Activities That Help Us Learn God is Our Protector and Wants Us To Pray To Only Him:

1. Make Your Own Whale

Using a large clean milk jug, draw a whale’s mouth onto the bottom and side of the milk jug. Cut out the bottom of the jug as the opening the whale’s mouth. Tie a piece of scrunched paper around the top end of jug to make the whale’s tail. Grab several small balls, such as ping pong balls or golf balls and draw a face on each of them. Lay the whale on its side and roll the balls into the whale just as Jonah was swallowed by the whale and then empty the jug just as the whale tossed Jonah out.

2. Retell the Story

Grab a pipe cleaner and help your child twist it into the shape a man to be Jonah. Stuff a paper lunch bag with torn up newspaper strips and tie the mouth of the bag shut with a ribbon leaving a few inches flared above the knot as the fish’s tail. Help your child paint the bag the color of the whale and decorate it with wiggly eyes and fins. Cut a hole in the bag that is large enough to fit the pipe cleaner man into it. Retell the story of Jonah and when Jonah is swallowed by the whale and place “Jonah” into the whale. When he is tossed out, take “Jonah” out of the whale. After the retelling talk with your child using these questions:
1. What did God want Jonah to do?
2. Did Jonah obey?
3. What happened to Jonah?
4. How many days was he in the big fish?
5. Can we hide from God?
6. Did God still love Jonah?
7. Does God love us when we do wrong things?

3. Create an Ocean

Grab two white paper plates, blue paint, blue cellophane, a paper fish and a paper man. Let your child use blue finger paint to paint the ocean on one of the paper plates. After it has dried, tape the fish and man (Jonah) to the ocean. Cut out the center of the other plate and tape blue cellophane on the inside of the plate to cover the hole. Staple the two plates together so you can see the fish and man through the hole.


Lord, I know that when I choose to disobey my parents, I’m choosing to disobey You. Please help me to always obey quickly and completely.

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