Discussion Questions: November 9, 2015


**Click here to download a copy of the prayer guides that were used during Sunday’s message.**

Did you leave after hearing Sunday’s message and think, “Well, now what?” Each Sunday, we will provide a discussion guide for our church body designed to create a conversation about what we’re learning. We encourage you to prayerfully gather with your family, friends and community group and dive into how to apply Sunday’s teaching from God’s Word to your life.

To view the current message series, as well as our entire library of sermons, be sure to check out our media page.

  1. Read Psalm 32, can you relate to David’s words? Have you accepted God’s grace? How can your community group remind each other to practice regular confession?
  2. The kindness of the Lord leads to repentance. Where have you seen this kindness in your own life?
  3. Do you believe God can heal this country and your own heart if you turn to Him? What are you praying for with regard to this nation? your family? yourself?
  4. How can your community group pray for each other?
  5. Has your group signed up for the American Prayer Initiative, or does it have a different strategy to fulfill the exhortation of 1 Tim 2:1-2?
  6. We encourage you to download and pray through the prayer guides that were given out on Sunday.

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